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The Marketplace is a central list of organisations that Big Local areas can access to in order to seek out specific services to help them deliver their plans.This may include, for example, training, research and evaluation, communications expertise, community development, advice with environmental projects, social investment, and community engagement.

If you are an organisation who is interested in being featured on the Marketplace please register below.

Organisations offering services on the Marketplace have been suggested by people in Big Local areas, Local Trust or our partners but we cannot recommend or guarantee the work of the organisations listed. It is important that you assess carefully any organisation's ability to deliver the services you need, including speaking to other people who have used their services before. It is your responsibility to assess each organisation's appropriateness to deliver what you require.

Remember that you can use any organisation including those not listed on Marketplace to deliver your activities. If you use local organisations to deliver the services that you need, more of your money stays close to home.

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