Welcome to Big Local Community – the online system for managing funding, monitoring and reviews for Big Local.

If you are involved in Big Local then this is the place where you can:

In order to do these things, you need to be a registered user (click and follow the link on the top right hand side of this page). Once you’ve registered please contact us so that we can give you the appropriate permissions for using this system.

If you are looking for details on a particular Big Local area, visit the area’s page on the Local Trust website for a contact email address, area website address (if available), links to local ways to connect and a map of the area. Find your Big Local area page.

To submit a funding proposal, find your Big Local area in the drop down box below, then select the proposals tab on the left-hand side, scroll to the bottom of that page and click start beside ‘Big Local Plan Costed Vision’. This is the form you should use for all Big Local funding proposals, if they are new plans, LTO changes or additional funding.  

You can find our guides to funding and programme issues on our online guidance portal. This includes refreshed guides on Big Local PlansBig Local funding processes, and our requirements for managing Big Local funding.